About Us

We built this company to offer a reliable and innovative construction process, dependable construction management backed with a creative design build service. MakLoc Construction is about building functional spaces that impact productivity in whatever form that may take; we help companies expand, grow, add functionality and meet their customer demands. Delivering on these needs with a reliable process has made us the confident choice for companies across Western Canada.

This has allowed us to work with leading industrial, commercial and oil and gas companies who demand an accountable development process that meets budget and time expectations. With an experienced team of designers and managers, we work with architectural firms, engineers or directly with the client to scope, coordinate and execute large and small scale construction projects.


The quality of our work and successfully meeting timelines is often critical to our customer’s productivity, where any delays can be costly. We offer a reliable process that is grounded in an accountability and communication, providing certainty to our clients that when they trust their projects with us that we will deliver.


Beyond functional requirements, many of our customers need to catch attention, using their buildings to stand apart. Our team is passionate about unique projects, evoking emotions through physical design and conveying messages with shape. MakLoc is the perfect partner for companies seeking an original look; we offer excitement in design with a foundation of experience.

Customer Committed

Our experience in building unique structures across Western Canada has given us insight into mapping projects around business needs. We collaborate with customers to understand these requirements and design recreational facilities, light industrial complexes, retail centers, institutions and many other custom structures. Each of these is scoped and budgeted around customer expectations and then we coordinate all required materials and trades teams, managing the construction process through to completion.

Safety Oriented

The program we have implemented is designed around our mindset that everyone is entitled to a safe workplace. We have a rigorous safety program that includes state of the art equipment, personnel training and process designed to remove or reduce risk. Every level of our organization is committed to building a work environment free of hazards and accidents.

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