Construction Management

Construction management is the complete control and delivery of a construction project, and MakLoc provides these management services backed by leading experience and a reliable team. Working with architects, project managers or engineers, we will coordinate and deliver all required development components, sourcing all necessary materials and teams.

We have a diverse portfolio of experience, working on everything from recreational complexes, institutions, oil and gas projects, retail centers and even multi-tenant commercial complexes. With a complete service offering that supports projects from conception to completion, we can accomplish large and small scale construction projects at all levels of complexity.

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Design Phase

Truly impressive and functional buildings start with good design, and we support this phase completely with our own teams of designers. At this stage we can help identify structural requirements for your business and coordinate this around your budget and timeline expectations. Buildings are more than boxes; they should support business process, attract customers and convey an experience.

We provide an in depth design process our customer enjoy, collaborating with us to discover requirements rather being instructed on every detail. Not only does this deliver more accurate concepts, but customers take more ownership in their projects and see their ideas come to life. The cooperative approach of MakLoc has given us a reputation for having very high customer service and extremely innovative projects.

Management Process

Discover business requirements for the structure, identifying needs and priorities

Collaborate with our clients to define the project scope and timelines

Budget the project around the customer needs

Manage all construction teams and timelines with value engineering

Inspect the development constantly

Communication & Accountability

Central to good project management is the ability to communicate effectively between all stakeholders and teams involved. This handles project changes, keeps production on schedule and removes surprises in the process. Being reliable requires communication, understanding that meeting expectations requires understanding expectations completely to begin with. We want the process of working with us to be productive and enjoyable, so we work hard to ensure that the dialogue is always present.

Performing construction management is to be trusted with the project execution, coordinating all activities while keeping the budget and timelines in mind. Our experienced managers use our reliable teams and open communication to ensure that expectations are met.