MakLoc Construction is committed to safety, and that means that the employees come first. We understand that the best safety comes with the best equipment, processes and training that reduce risk in the workplace. Our equipment is state of the art to reduce danger to the operator, the processes we use are regularly revised and updated to reflect industry standards and we provide regular training to ensure a competent workforce.

Beyond this, we also believe that the safety is a mindset, and to be leaders in safety, we have to commit to safety as an organization.

What does it mean to commit to safety?

to Safety

We believe that all of our employees are entitled to a safe and enjoyable work environment, delivered through ownership that prioritizes safety above all else. By acknowledging that we all have a right to safety and that we are responsible for the safety of each other, we take ownership in making our work a hazard free environment. This also means that we will never sacrifice safety so that our employees know we respect their right to go home safe every day.

to Work Safely

Working safely requires the tools and training to operate safely, so we provide regular education to our team to ensure competency. With training and understanding, each of our employees can recognize safe and unsafe work and assist with the minimization of risk. Empowering our team to be safer has resulted in better communication, more accountability and a saturation of safe practices to every level of our business.

Safe Work

Safety takes place wherever we go, whether on our site, customer site or away from work altogether. Our employees are our ambassadors to the world, and it matters that they convey the same standards no matter where they work. We want to be recognized in our industry as safety leaders, and we are proud to have our teams working alongside the biggest companies in the world and have them know of our commitment to safety.