Design Build

The process of design build supports a more accurate, more cost effective approach to construction that is delivered in a shorter timeframe. Housing the discovery, scoping and development in one place creates more certainty while speeding up the construction process. MakLoc offers an experienced team of professional managers and designers who will help build a project plan that fulfills your business and budget requirements.

We work with commercial, oil and gas and industrial companies that are looking for a comprehensive construction service. With design build, we assist in discovering business needs and conceptualizing the ideal environment for our customers businesses.

Budget Design
Using a design build approach optimizes every dollar spent on a project, ensuring that that every piece of material and labor is essential in a quality development. We have a mindset of value engineering, where we proactively seek ways to introduce cost savings throughout the project execution.
Functional Design
We understand that the structures we build have business purposes, and the spaces we design have functional needs. They could be manufacturing facilities, office buildings, retail spaces; we approach projects by understanding how the building will be used. The experienced team we offer will help map and scope work spaces that achieve these functional requirements, optimizing environments around specific businesses.
Project Planning
As design leads into building, we will coordinate all required construction elements including trades personnel and materials. Along with the physical elements, we will help set a production timeline and setup a communication schedule. This comprehensive planning phase locks in a scope and gives our customers more certainty that their project will be delivered on their timelines.